Skid School and Winter Driving

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Skid School and Winter Driving

Skid control school in Ontario

This program is a one day course which consists of approximately 3 hours of classroom time, followed by in vehicle training.

The in-class portion of the course includes a power point presentation and videos.There will be 7 different topics covered and a printed booklet will be supplied to each participant covering all topics taught.

The practical part of the course involves using pylons and instruction on braking techniques for skid control, as well as defensive winter driving knowledge and driving demonstrations.The in-vehicle training will take 20 minutes per student, working with groups of three at a time.

Each participant must complete a quiz, and will need to achieve a 75% to pass and receive a Certificate.
The cost is $220.00 per participant plus the HST.Classroom facility, vehicles and parking lot to be provided by the client. (Price may vary if we arrange vehicles, parking lot) A minimum of 10 participants is required to hold a course.